NEW VID! For Dead Tired

Pure Grain Audio has premiered the new video I made for "She's In My Eyes".  HAVE A PEEK!

Justis Krar
NEW VIDEO! "Only Human"

Hello friends, this week the good people at Canadian Beats premiered the new video I made for Pat Maloney called "Only Human".  Check it out in the VIDEOS section of the site, and read this lil write up:


Justis Krar
YO! Chip Rich promo + news

Hello everyone (my nana), I am here to let you know that I have uploaded a small promo I made for chip rich a few years ago.  I like it so I posted it.  Also, two new videos commin' at ya real soon.  From 2 SICK bands. Alright????

Justis Krar
Single Mothers - Leash

Here is the video for the song Leash that I co-wrote and recorded with Single Mothers.  Lot's of doggies in this one.

Justis Krar